ASSHH is an international membership organization that promotes and supports critically informed and theoretically engaged social science and humanities research on HIV/AIDS. We are committed to generating, supporting and distributing social science and humanities scholarship, promoting dialogue and networking within our disciplines and between them and the larger scientific community, and training emerging social science and humanities scholars in academic and non-academic settings.

Forthcoming ASSHH Events:

ASSHH at the IAS Conference 2014

ASSHH members are invited to attend the following satellite session at AIDS 2014, a follow up to the roundtable, 'An Experiment In Topological Thinking,' at the ASSHH conference in Paris 2013. The satellite is hosted by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and chaired by Dean Murphy and Marsha Rosengarten. 'Novel modes of inquiry to achieve effective HIV prevention', Session SUSA35, Room 103, Sunday 20 July, 15:45 to 17:45. Panellists include Bill Gaver; Robert Grant; Kane Race; Susie McLean; Gus Cairns; and Judy Auerbach.

News and Events

The Third International ASSHH Conference, Stelenbosch, South Africa
6 - 19 July 2015

Titled: Rhetoric and Reality, Click here for more details

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